Shariah Professional Auditor

The collaboration between many central banks and Raqaba for Islamic Financial Consultations has led to the announcement of a new professional certificate entitled “Shariah Professional Auditor.” This certificate is considered an outcome of the exerted efforts of central banks aiming to organize Shariah internal and external Auditing career in Islamic banks, and it is granted to those who pass the assigned exam.
The curriculum for this certificate is the main reference for the exam and the training program. And it is correspondent with the accredited standards of Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), Islamic Financial Service Board in Malaysia, and Central Bank of Syria.
This curriculum consists of two parts divided into 24 units. The first part contains ten units about the principles of Shariah Auditing and Control; Shariah Control Systems inside the Islamic financial institutions; internal Shariah Control Department; External Shariah Control through Shariah Control Committee; Shariah Control of the Central Bank, samples and logical checking; Audit risks, planning, and reporting; detailed procedures for Shariah Audit process; Shariah Control notes; types of Shariah Committees reports; and specific quality in Shariah Control.
On the other hand, the second part contains 14 units specialized in implementation of Shariah Audit process inside Islamic financial institutions. This process has included all Auditing fields inside the operational units in the Islamic bank as it is the most comprehensive implementation, such as treasury management, investment and shared services, investment funds, retail and corporate finance, and bank branches and properties. Implementing Shariah Audit on all activities includes preparing Shariah regulations for the activity and then extracting a list for products included in these regulations, in addition to Shariah procedures sample for the execution of every product, and framing Shariah Audit form for every product.
We should take into consideration the seriousness of Sharia Audit career, weakness of both educational training and the professional perfection. In the same time, we can say that this subject contributes effectively in the development of those two elements through this career.

Dr. Abdulbari Mashal
General Manager
Raqaba for Islamic Financial Consultations - UK